Posted by: Joe | September 28, 2006


Met up with our friends Josh and Krista at their new place last night. After the tour, we headed off to see Kasabian @ the Phoenix. First lesson of the night: for shows at this venue, take a cab. There isn’t nearly enough parking.

We arrived in time to catch the last couple songs of Mew‘s set. I had downloaded a few songs from their latest CD, and wasn’t that impressed, but as it turns out, they’re perfect “background club music”. Having a drink and a chat before the main act, they didn’t command your attention, but still had a lot of heads bobbing. I’ll have to give them another listen–could be perfect for putting in the background when I need to bang out some code.

My cameraphone sucks in the dark.

Quite the antithesis of Kasabian–like them or not, you can’t ignore them. They are a bit of a one trick pony; high-energy, arena-rock/dance music is what they’re about. But, I happen to like that trick. The set pulled heavily from the new CD, Empire, but it was Club Foot and L.S.F. that really got the Brit-heavy crowd going.

One disappointment of the night: I really wanted a Kasabian concert tee, but they were really cheap looking.

Second lesson of the night: don’t bother taking pictures in the dark with a RAZR cameraphone. That looks like a picture of a Kasabian diorama.


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