Posted by: Joe | October 2, 2006

What, exactly, do I know about technology that others don’t?

No, seriously, I’m asking. I want to know.

Everybody these days has one–the technology-savvy friend or family member that seems to have a grasp on how everything works. Among my circle, that’s me. And so whenever something goes wrong, I generally get a call.

My question isn’t “how do I know how to fix things?” I know the answer to that. I’m not scared to break things in order to figure out how they work. So really, my ability to fix technology is nothing more complicated than experience based on trial and error.

My question is “how on earth do your PCs get so screwed up?”.

I’m an internet fiend. I surf the most sordid underbelly of the web–places where virii and spyware lurk to pounce on the unprotected. My virus checker is never active. My firewall is turned off. I install all manner of software, from beta version of Windows to unsupported and sometimes hacked drivers and utilities. I don’t defrag my hard drive. In fact, I don’t do any of the things that I tell everybody else that they should.

Yet, I’ve never lost any data. My PCs only ever reboot when I tell them to. I haven’t personally seen a BSOD since sometime in the late ’90s. And my PC is every bit as responsive now as the day I first booted up Windows 2000, almost 5 years ago.

I wish I knew the answer–because I’ve got a feeling it’s worth a pile of cash.


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