Posted by: Joe | October 10, 2006

Run, Devil, Run

This weekend’s highlight was Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins at Trinity St. Paul’s. We arrived just as the band entered the sanctuary, singing the first track from the CD, Run, Devil, Run.

jenny_lewis.jpg watson_twins.jpg

It was the perfect choice of venue for the show–a beautiful building with fantastic acoustics, which were really showcased during an amazing acapella rendition of The Shirelles’ I Met Him On A Sunday.

The set ended with an inspired version of Born Secular. Belting out a song that you’ve written about your own atheism, while standing at the head of a church has to bring out a little something extra.

The fans were easily the most enthusiastic of any concert I’ve seen this year. I seriously doubt that any Sunday sermon will elicit the same applause. The crowd was largely hipster/indie twentysomethings, but there were a suprising number of teens and older fans as well.

A three song encore was highlighted by Rabbit Fur Coat, which deals with Jenny’s experience as a child actress and her mother’s cocaine addiction. The small venue, combined with the incredible acoustics of the building made the song all the more intimate.

My only complaint was that on some of the louder songs, Jenny’s mike pickup wasn’t loud enough. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some steel guitar and drums, but the vocals are really why you go this show.

After the concert we went to Gregg’s Ice Cream, which is just down the street from the church. Without question, the best ice cream I’ve ever had. Anne had a bowl coffee, and I had a bowl of pistachio, both of which were divine. Next time I’ll be getting a large.



  1. I think I like Jenny Lewis more than I like Jenny Lewis’ music. But I agree about Trinity-St Paul’s being an excellent venue (we saw the Cowboy Junkies there last year) and about Greg’s Ice Cream. The roasted marshmallow is a revelation. You can buy tubs of it at a store in Summerhill…maybe other places around the city too?

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