Posted by: Joe | October 12, 2006

Voices in my head

Beck‘s new release The Information: A very good, typically Beck album. If you’re a Beck fan, you’ll dig it, but with a lack of pop-hooks like E-Pro and Girl, this one probably won’t win any new fans the way Guero did.


You know what I really need? A set of $3150 headphones to listen to my 128kbps encoded MP3s with. That’s right, the ones that were ripped from poorly mastered, overly loud, compressed, clipped CDs. [via Gizmodo]


Corey Lidle’s recent airplane accident is exactly why this will never see the light of day. Flying a heavier-than-air craft is hard. As much as I want the flying car that all the scientists promised me when I was a kid, I sure as hell don’t want the dipshit that was in front of me on the highway this morning to have one.


While the Lidle incident was just a freakish accident, it’s a bit scary to think that even after 9-11, an aircraft can still plow into a Manhattan building. If some sightseer can get that close to major American cities, what’s to stop Osama from chartering a Learjet in Venezuela and packing it full of C4? I’m suprised that Fox News haven’t jumped on this angle for some good old-fashioned fear-mongering before the quickly approaching midterm elections. Something has to distract the Republican base from Foleygate. Hannity, you’re slipping!!!


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