Posted by: Joe | October 25, 2006

“Even Lars Ulrich knows it’s wrong”

The fact that Wierd Al’ s CD Straight Outta Lynwood and the single White and Nerdy have both cracked the Billboard Top 10 has to be driving the RIAA nuts.  Yankovich popped his Top-10 cherry after nearly 30 years in the music business with a combination of free downloads and viral marketing (YouTube is littered with Wierd Al videos).  If the RIAA had their way, this wouldn’t be possible.

Come on RIAA…if Wierd *fricking* Al can make this work, there must be a way to make money off of it.  I mean seriously–Wierd Al in the Top 10?  Really?

On the other hand, maybe what this shows is that the only people buying music these days are 8 year olds.



  1. Surely you mean 38-year-olds. No 8-year-old knows who Weird Al is.

    I agree with your general premise though. See also: Wilco.

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