Posted by: Joe | October 31, 2006

These Electric Lives

I first heard of These Electric Lives [MySpace] this March while I was at Colts Curling Provincials in Gananoque, of all places. The last night involved about 40 people, one hotel room, one Texas mickey of rye, and 4 of Gananoque’s finest. Good times.

As the party was winding down, Kelly from High Park put a CDR in the player from a band that she’s friends with and started talking with somebody about it behind me. Apparently the iPod in my hand and omnipresent dangling of the Senns around my neck during the week had fooled her into thinking that I knew something about something, because a few minutes later she was grabbing my elbow — “Hey, you know about music, tell this guy that this is good.”

I listened closer for a few seconds, and decided with a nod, “Yeah…they are good.” I must have had the other guy fooled as well, because he just accepted that with shrug.

They’re indie rock with new wave synth influences, which of course sounds completely new to me having missed out on most of that era growing up in rural NB. (We didn’t get much Depeche Mode, New Order or The Cure on the 1 FM and 2 AM stations that I could tune into back home.)

They started receiving a little more buzz after recently supporting Asobi Seksu at the Horseshoe, and are currently working on their first studio album.

And I’m pissed that I can’t go see them downtown on Thursday night because I’m curling.




  1. You had FM?!? Man, I used to *hate* rich city folk like you.

  2. Hi there,

    Thanks for the kind words. Kelly is a close friend of our lead singer Mark. She’s awesome. We’re just about to confirm another big show at the Horseshoe for Fri, Dec 15. All the details will be posted on our Myspace page very soon.

    Only 1 FM and 2 AM stations growing up? Yikes!

    These Electric Lives

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