Posted by: Joe | November 1, 2006

This is me in Grade 9

We had a bunch of Gr. 9 students go through the office today as part of some career studies thing. I don’t know about you, but when I was in Gr. 9, if I was going on a tour of a company named “Siemens”, I’d be too busy giggling and elbowing my buddies in the side to pay attention to anything that was being said. In fact, I’m giggling right now.


Random Phrase I Heard Today That I Call Dibs On As A Band Name: Exploding Goats. Also the derivative, Spontaneous Goat Detonation. Those are mine, hands off.


Mmmm-Bop! Doo-wop! Dup-ba-doo-wop! Mmmm-Bop! Yeah-eee-yeaaaah!! Fuck da haters. Songs that stay in your head forever are just great songs.


Coming soon, to a Honda Civic near you…


Screw this spoon-fed crap. When my niece is a little older, I’ll be making her a mix CD with all of the real versions of these songs.


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