Posted by: Joe | November 20, 2006

…and this guy knows a thing or two about unwinnable wars…

Henry Kissinger believes that the Iraq war is unwinnable.

There are a few solutions that are being thrown around about how to resolve the Iraq situation, but there’s only really one solution that makes any sense; working with all of the neighboring countries to maintain stability within Iraq. This is going to be the solution that James Baker and his Iraq Study Group will recommend. But, it will mean Bush is going to have to swallow his pride and work with Ahmadinajad. It also means that there will likely be a US presence in Iraq for a long, long time.

The Republicans are right about one thing–a complete withdrawl of US troops, leaving the Iraqi’s to their own devices, is quite possibly the worst of the bad solutions. The country would dissolve into another Darfur in short order.

Another idea that’s being bandied about is to break the country up into 3 pieces, one each for the Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites. Even assuming you could coordinate this, it’s doubtful that country would stay in 3 pieces for long. Turkey would likely take over the Iraqi/Kurdistan territory, and Iran would annex the south. How happy do you think the Saudis would be sharing a border with Iran?


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