Posted by: Joe | November 29, 2006


OK, so my buddy Dan has had “Electric Avenue” stuck in his head all day long. I feel for you dude, but take solace that something good has come out of it.

The first time I heard “Electric Avenue” was sometime in the mid-80’s — I remember being about 10 years old, and there was this Saturday morning cartoon that I watched religiously about this group of kids and their funky car, and music was prominently involved.

For the past 10 years, every time “Electric Avenue” came up in conversation–shut up, it happens more than you might think–I’d describe this cartoon trying to find somebody, anybody, who remembered it. I’d go on for what seemed like forever, describing in detail the red and yellow car, the tall skinny kid, the fat-ass villain and a Tinkerbell-esque fairy that looked like she came straight from an aerobics class. I would finish my diatribe, wild-eyed and slightly out of breath…

…and without exception, every single person would stare at me like I was picking my nose with a third hand that had just grown from the middle of my forehead. Nobody remembered this cartoon. Nobody. Not even my little brother, and we used to watch cartoons together constantly.

Occasionally the song would pop up on TV, or when I had my music collection on shuffle. And every time I heard it, I’d wade through pages of Google search results. Retro TV and cartoon sites. Wikipedia. And I’d come up empty every time.

Eventually, I started to think that maybe my friends were right. Maybe I did make it up. Some kids have imaginary friends, maybe I had an imaginary Saturday-morning cartoon. That’s not so strange, right? Right?

I hadn’t thought about it again in probably a year or so. When I read Dan’s post today, I gave it another go, albeit half-heartedly. And as usual, my first stabs found nothing.

But then, at the bottom of the first page of search results for the seemingly innocuous search ” ‘electric avenue’ cartoon “, there it was. I give you Kidd Video:

Once I had the name of the show, it was easy enough to find the Kidd Video episode guide. And sure enough, Season 1, Episode 1 included clips of the videos for “All Night Long” and “Running With the Night” by Lionel Richie, and “Electric Avenue” by Eddie Fucking Grant.

Goddamn, I’m exhausted.



  1. I’m glad some good came of it. I’m ready to claw my own ears off.

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  3. OMFG i am having the same problem as you! trawling endless pages of useless info on how to find this cartoon! i rmemeber an episode where they were fighting a med dude in a theme part with scary robot clowns! I want my nostalgia back! =D

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