Posted by: Joe | December 13, 2006

Wii all had a good time…

I was at my friend Ania’s place Friday night for a casual holiday party–but mostly it was an excuse to get a bunch of people together to play some Nintendo Wii. We were mostly playing Wii Sports, the game pack bundled with the controller, and it’s every bit as fun as all the reviews say.

The two disappointments for me were Wii-golf and Wii-boxing. I golf to about a 7 handicap, and making a real golf swing results in nothing but horrible duck-hooks. A Wii-golf swing is about equivalent to a 30 yard pitch. Boxing has a similar problem–the controller simply doesn’t recognize hand movements of the speed that the real sport requires.

4-player Wii-tennis is hella good fun, probably the closest translation of any of the Wii sports, with Wii-bowling close as well. Pitching and batting in Wii-baseball is fun too.

It was a good time, but none of us enjoyed ourselves as much as this woman [via Gizmodo]:



  1. The wii definitely rocks. I just can’t wait until mario cart comes out.

    Imaging using one hand to drive the cart and use wii remote on the other hand to throw weapon….LOL

  2. Ha! I have a wii and I play like that! (kiddin’) :)

    I also have awesome games for it!

    Check me out! Come to!!!


  3. Um. You don’t have to come to my blog anymore. But you may. I mean I do not want to bother you. So please take thought. I may be a bother. Since I am a girl and all!


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