Posted by: Joe | January 26, 2007

No “turn your head and cough”? What a gyp.

I went for my first ever physical exam today. Now that I’m 30+, it’s time to start having somebody kick the tires regularly. Quite anti-climatic. Here’s the play-by-play:

Dr: Do you smoke?
me: Nope.
Dr: Any history of heart disease or diabetes in the family? Any surgery in the past?
me: Grandfather died of heart attack. No diabetes I’m aware of. No surgery.
Dr: You look like you’re in good shape, do any weights?
me: No weights really, just boxing and running.
Dr: Hold out your arm…blood pressure’s perfect…
Stick out your tongue…good…
Deep breaths…good…
Lie down…<poke> <poke poke> <poke> good….
OK, I’m ordering some tests. The receptionist will tell you what to do next, and the results should be back in a couple weeks.

I was sitting in his office waiting for him longer than it took for his exam. I’m not certain what exactly I was expecting, but that wasn’t it.



  1. Myself, I was quite happy not to have some dude cupping my giggleberries.

    It’s good that it’s anticlimactic though, no? I also started going for mine recently, and I admit I liked hearing “Cholesterol: fine; blood pressure: fine; everything else: fine.” even if I did have to wait forever and get blood drawn (not to mention the false alarm that kept me at St. Mike’s for a night) first.

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