Posted by: Joe | February 4, 2007

My favorite new local band, at my favorite venue…

These Electric Lives last night at The Mod Club, how could I resist.

Wow, it was cold downtown last night.  After standing in the guestlist line for 15 minutes, I almost asked for a warm rum and coke when I got in.

Things were plenty warm inside though,  as TEL was rocking.  There were a couple new songs that I hadn’t heard, presumably from the debut CD that they have in progress now.  They were equally impressive in the somewhat larger venue, though I’m pretty sure even average musicians would put on a great show at The Mod Club.  The sound is great, and the light show is second to none.  Far and away, it’s my favorite venue to see a rock show in Toronto.  It’s big enough to hold a good size crowd, but not big enough that it feels like an aircraft hanger, like the Kool Haus.

On the way home, I took Dundas back across the city, and my car practically turned into Apache Burger by itself.   Banquet burger, fry/ring combo and a malted shake hit the spot *perfectly*.


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