Posted by: Joe | February 18, 2007

Food poisoning sucks

Words usually used to describe my stomach:  “cast” and “iron”.

I don’t know what’s grabbed a hold of me, but it’s hardcore.  The only way I can politely describe what I’m going through right now is to say that I believe I once saw it on an episode of South Park.  Conservatively, I would say that I’ve lost approximately 3 litres of fluid in the past 3 hours, and haven’t been able to replenish a drop.

Wheeeeee!  Only 11 hours before I’m on the ice for the Colts Men’s Region 2 Final.  I hope there’s 24-hour drug store in Peterborough.



  1. “I don’t know what’s grabbed a hold of me.”

    Age, buddy. I’ve had a bad back for a week. Welcome to our Carlsberg years.

  2. Or it could have been Norwalk. Friends of mine just got over a bout.

  3. I don’t know what it was, but it’s pretty much gone. Once my GI tract, um, eliminated whatever was in there I recovered pretty quickly.

    Pedialyte is your friend for all your re-hydration needs.

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