Posted by: Joe | February 21, 2007

Colts Regions Recap

This past weekend I was in Peterborough at the Colts Region 2 Curling Playdowns. My first visit to Ptbo was memorable, if nothing else.

Since the team meeting before our first game was scheduled for 8:15am Saturday morning, we quickly made the determination that staying over Friday night was required. Since I was going to have nothing to do Friday night, I did some searching around and, as luck would have it, The Rural Alberta Advantage was in town, who I had seen once before a couple months ago.

The show was at a small hipster coffeeshop/bar called The Spill. The wine was good, and before the band went on, the barkeep was spinning some great stuff I’d never heard (note to self: download Thee Headcoatees – The Sisters of Suave). Getting to the place was a bit of an adventure. Ptbo is littered with one-way streets–I felt like I should be leaving a dotted line behind.

I liked hearing The RAA even more after having had a couple months to digest their EP. A big part of the RAA’s sound is the staccato rhythym that Paul Banwatt provides from behind the kit on virtually every song. Even the slower numbers like “Sleep All Day” feature prominent drums that give The RAA a unique sound. It was a good night–beat hanging out in the hotel room for a couple hours.

The curling was a success as well–we managed to put together 3 ugly wins, including a come-from-behind victory in the final to win the “A” side of Region 2 for the second year running. We didn’t play great, but made shots when we really needed them. The ice was tricky–very straight for the most part and unforgiving to a less-than-perfect release. We’ll need to be sharper for our second run at Provincials, which are being held in scenic Elmira, in a month’s time. I’ll have to download some Oak Ridge Boys.

Winning the “A” Final was a good thing–after my experience Saturday night I was quite literally drained. I managed to keep myself hydrated enough for one game with a combination of Pedialyte, Gatorade and Imodium, but having to play in the “B” Final would have been ugly.

The last thing I’ll remember about this weekend is this sign:


I think it’s unnecessary to make a joke–this is great all by itself.


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