Posted by: Joe | March 7, 2007

Keep the Jimmy Page vault closed

My buddy Dan recently pointed out an Onion article lamenting the state of modern rock. For all those who agree, I have two words for you:

Fucking. Wolfmother.

OK, listen up rock bands. I’m not saying you have to spend 2 hours on stage. I’m not saying you have to stand on the drum kit in a pressure suit and space helmet. I’m not saying you should keep soloing until the strings on your guitar have all broken. I’m not saying you need to go on a Jagr-fueled rampage, tossing microphones, patch cables and the broken remains of your vintage pedalboard components into the crowd.

But it doesn’t hurt.

Maybe they have a sound more suited to Q107 than The Edge. Maybe they are derivative. But holy hell they rock.


So far today I have:

  • woken up at 6am
  • done 5 hard miles at the gym
  • 8+ hours at work
  • 2 curling games
  • 1 breakneck drive from Etobicoke to the Kool Haus
  • witnessed a rock show straight out of 1971

I think I shall sleep now.



  1. Sleep? That’s not very rock and roll.

  2. I refuse to be criticized by someone whose day included highlights such as “read CNN headlines”.

    Keep on rockin’, bro.

  3. Touché.

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