Posted by: Joe | March 10, 2007

Friday Night

None of the other Canadian Music Week shows really grabbed my attention, so I was at Sneaky Dees last night to see These Electric Lives once again. Just a great band to see live–their infectuous grooves never fail to get the crowd dancing and singing along. Their debut EP is nearly finished, with a release party scheduled for April 21 @ Lee’s Palace.

Part of the reason the crowd was so into TEL was they were already hyped up from the pleasant suprise of the night: Oslo’s Harmonica, a synth-Pop-Rocks act. Those capitals are there on purpose. They’re like Pop Rocks candy–sweet, energetic and ultimately just a lot of fun. I’m disappointed I only caught the end of their set, but they’re playing another show late tonight at The Riv, so if the lineup tonight at The Whippersnapper Gallery doesn’t impress me I may run down to see them again.

Harmonica – Girls and Boys (They Kiss At Night)
Harmonica – Friday Night
Harmonica – You Gotta Go!
Harmonica – Rocking Girl

The headliners for the night were Modernboys Moderngirls, a local indie rock group. I enjoyed the tracks available on their site, but they simply didn’t translate well live. The vocals, which are so prominent on their recorded tracks could barely be heard, and their raw-tight-garage-punk sound was replaced by a raw-fuzzy-garage-punk sound. Maybe somebody was asleep at the sound board. They play with TEL a fair amount, so I’m sure I’ll have an opportunity for a second opinion, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to see them again.

Modernboys Moderngirls – Edge of My Blade



  1. I’m liking Harmonica… thanks for sharing!

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