Posted by: Joe | March 29, 2007

Giddy Up, Oom Poppa Oom Poppa Mow Mow

Ever since I heard that Colts Provincials were going to be held in Elmira, I haven’t been able to get the similarly named Oak Ridge Boys song out of my head.

A nice little town in Mennonite country, Elmira doesn’t have a Hungry House Cafe, but it does have the Sip & Bite, where we ate a couple times. Good home-cooked vittles, large portions, friendly staff–highly recommended.

As far as the curling goes, we didn’t finish as well as we’d hoped, but better than last year, solidly in the middle of the pack. The ice was difficult to read, and we got off to a slow start, going 0-4 before stringing together 3 straight wins against some of the tougher teams.

It would be great to win Colts, but to be honest, I want to go back a few more times (winning Provincials makes you ineligible). We’ll aim for a winning record next year, at the least.

The party at any Provincial is always fantastic. I won’t go into too much detail, but I will say that Red Bull, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, a coffee carafe and Fireball Whiskey were involved. No police this year, but still a good time.


I’ve spent the past couple days recovering and catching up on TDS and Colbert. John Bolton, the former US Representative to the UN was one of Stewart’s guests last week. It reminded me of the Monty Python Argument Sketch–blindly contradicting everything does not a debate make. I will give him credit though–agreeing to be a guest on a show whose host and audience are complete ideological opposites to you takes ball-balls.


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