Posted by: Joe | March 31, 2007

One wave short of a shipwreck

It finally happened – I’m slightly mad.

I just spent the entire drive home from the office talking to myself. Yes, it’s only 8 minutes, so it wasn’t a long conversation, but that’s not the point.

I’m working a particularly frustrating piece of code. I’ve never seen something that obfuscates what should be a fairly simple task like this. I’ve gone through the “I think I know what’s going on”/”I have no idea how this goddamn thing works” cycle about 6-8 times in the past 24 hours. At one point late last night I decided that I didn’t want to develop software anymore. I’ll join Habitat for Humanities and swing a hammer, or dig some holes or something. Or maybe enlist–I’ve heard Afghanistan is lovely this time of year.

Homelessness sounds like a good gig. Meet lots of new people, plenty of fresh air. No dental though.

Update 10:45pm: back to “I have no idea how this goddamn thing works”.  Wheeeeeee!



  1. So? Did you figure it out in the end? “)

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