Posted by: Joe | April 15, 2007

Fried Eggs and Fathers

I had fried eggs for breakfast this morning.  Over easy, with dry white toast.  I ate them the same way I always do–peel back the top, dip the toast in the yolk until it’s gone, then spread ketchup over the whites with my fork, finishing them off with what’s left of my toast.

Every fried egg I’ve ever eaten, that’s the routine, because that’s the way my Dad taught me to eat them.  There is no other way to eat a fried egg of which I am aware.  So even though we don’t talk much, I think about him quite often, because of simple things like eating an egg.

Just as I was finishing up breakfast this morning, my brother called…Dad had a couple serious heart attacks last night.  Can we just give 2007 a miss, and skip straight on to 2008?  Because so far, it has really fucking sucked.



  1. Sorry to hear that, man. Hope everything’s ok.

  2. It appears that he’s doing ok…my brother went down to see him yesterday, and it wasn’t as serious as we initially thought. Still scary though. They’re doing a bunch more tests today.

  3. I hadn’t heard that. I hope everything turns out okay too!

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