Posted by: Joe | April 15, 2007

Great Lake Swimmers

Tonight I was out to see Great Lake Swimmers @ The Church of the Redeemer. One of my favorite finds last year, they’re too melodic to be country, to slow to be pop, too pretty to be folk, but manage to be all three at once. The set consisted of a good mix of songs from Bodies and Minds and the new release, Ongiara.

I love seeing shows in a church venue — the acoustics are always amazing. I’d love to see Ohbijou at The Redeemer, or St. Paul’s.


I’m flipping through the radio on the drive home after the show, and The Mix was having an Avril Lavigne album preview [mp3]. I was intrigued to learn that because up to 70% of Avril’s fan base is outside North America, she has recorded her new single “Girlfriend” in 8 different languages. Interestingly enough, after hearing clips of all 8 versions, I want to punch her in the face no matter what language she’s singing in.


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