Posted by: Joe | April 18, 2007


I was slow to get on The Be Good Tanyas‘ train, because, well, I’m not very smart. But I’m on board after hearing their cover of Prince’s “When Doves Cry” on The Site Which Shall Not Be Named. I get it now.


xkcd is my favorite webcomic.



I’ve been wracking my brain all night trying to figure out where in my house one of these bookcase secret doors would work. There isn’t a single spot. DAMMIT!!! [via Uncrate]



  1. I’ve been listening to Be Good Tanyas for a few years now. They ooze talent…they just can’t keep it in.

  2. I saw them live in…god, 2001. Been a fan since. Check out the song “Reuben”. Good stuff.

  3. I’ve already absconded all their stuff from your slsk, and have been listening to it all day. This is not the future I was promised, with the flying cars and jetpacks and such, but it’s pretty damn good.

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