Posted by: Joe | April 20, 2007

Reason #3,188 Why Ticketmaster Sucks

I just found out via Chromewaves that Built To Spill is playing Lee’s Palace on July 11.

This is a band that I have specifically indicated on my Ticketmaster profile that I am interested in.  Guess how many emails I got from Ticketmaster about said band?

Ticketmaster sucks at the internet.



  1. They’re also playing Lee’s on July 10 – double header. Ticketmaster probably didn’t send out a bulletin because they haven’t gotten the listing added to their database yet. But they surely will next week and be ready to gouge you shortly thereafter.

  2. See, that’s the part that’s frustrating — they have added it to the database, because I got my tix this morning shortly after my morning browse through my RSS reader.

    I’ve gotten half a dozen damn emails about Justin Timberlake, but have never received a single notification about the artists I’ve specifically indicated interest in.

    What’s the point in giving them a list of “My Artists” if they ignore it?

  3. TicketMaster knows you have a deep-seated desire to see Mary J Bligh :-)

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