Posted by: Joe | April 26, 2007

Hey, you want fries with that?

I ordered a Dell laptop yesterday, from the Dell website. Configuring a new machine is a straightforward process, though long. Holy upsell, Batman. No thanks, I already have an internet connection. No, thank you, I don’t want to pay for a virus checker. I appreciate the offer, but I don’t need a printer. Or a digital camera. NO DAMMIT, I DON’T WANT AN OVERPRICED 50-PACK OF DVD-Rs WITH THAT.

I finally got through the ordering process, after clicking “Next” what felt like a few dozen times. Whew, done.

Or so I thought. I’ve been on the phone with Dell three times this morning. Apparently having different shipping and billing addresses is too complicated for them to understand. How long has Dell been doing this again?

There’s been a lot of talk over the past couple years Dell being in trouble, and I can see why after this experience.  My ‘customer experience’ has been nothing but frustrating, and my purchase hasn’t even shipped yet.  If Dell wants to turn things around and stop hemorrhaging customers to HP and Apple they need to focus on what they’re good at:  delivering custom-built PCs quickly and efficiently.  Ignore the cameras and TVs and GPS receivers and get back to the basics that made Dell so successful throughout the 1990s.



  1. Dear Dell Customer,

    I read your blog dated April 26, 2007. I am sorry to read you had a frustrating experience placing your Dell order. If you still have not received your order and would like my assistance, please feel free to email me directly. Thank you and have a great day!

    Best Regards,

    Dell Customer Advocate
    Attn: Debbie

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