Posted by: Joe | April 30, 2007

Hi, my name is Joe…

…and I am a lactic acid addict. I’m hooked on the burn like a junkie on the brown. The sweet science is my pusher, taking payment in bloody noses, black eyes and bruised ribs.

I’m currently icing down my nose. Perhaps there’s something to this “keep your hands up” and “more head movement” stuff people keep telling me about.


On the plus side, it’s been a long time since I’ve been in this kind of physical condition. With a week or two notice, I could make my old 68-kilo weight class pretty easily, and I’m considerably stronger than when I was wrestling in university. Maybe I should go take an MBA at Brock — I’ve still got a few years CIS elegibility left.


Roy Halladay is a horse. A man among boys. At least the Jays have one stud. The Raps need somebody to grow up, quick.



  1. It’s OK to duck sometimes :-)

  2. It’s okay … could be worse; you could be hooked on something else. I gotta go (sniff!).

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