Posted by: Joe | May 10, 2007

It’s so fun to relate

Last night I had dinner with my friends Josh & Krista at Musashi, a short walk north of their townhouse in Rosedale. I had my usual Japanese favorite, unagi donburi, which was quite good. Not *too* good though, so there was no need to “Agent Sands” the chef.

On our way back to their place, we stopped by the Summerhill LCBO, which I had never seen before. Wow. I could hardly restrain myself. We also stopped by My Favorite Ice Cream Shop where I had a fantastic pear-ginger frozen yogurt which cleansed the palate nicely.


After dinner, Josh and I were off to The Phoenix for the Silversun Pickups. We arrived in time to hear most of the set of openers (and label-mates) Sea Wolf [MySpace]. The couple songs that I had sampled on the MySpace page were good, but I was decidedly underwhelmed by the live act. They were totally unremarkable–it could have been one of any number of bands on the stage.

Carnavas has been heavily in my rotation for some time now, but it’s only been in the past month or so that SSPU has really gotten a lot of radio play. However, the crowd reacted enthusiastically to the first few bars of every song, so it seems they’ve built a real following. The band was genuinely appreciative, seemingly a little surprised by the spotlight they’ve suddenly been engulfed by.

Frontman Brian Aubert is a freak of nature. In one moment his girlishly high voice is barely audible above the guitar fuzz and feedback, and seemingly with the flip of a switch he turns on a masculine, rasping scream bringing songs a visceral climax. His vocal chords must be made of high tensile steel–it’s unbelievable to me that he can do this night after night.

Good show–highly recommended.


I took the TTC downtown last night–probably the first time I’d been on the subway in about 2 years. A lot of people hate it, but I find the subway relaxing–great time to dig into some reading I’d been unable to get to for a while.

After reading Foucault’s Pendulum a few years ago, and digging into The Name of the Rose now, I’m discovering that reading Umberto Eco is like reading Herman Melville or the Bible–not an easy read, and if you’re not in the mood, there are vast portions you can just skip and not miss any part of the narrative (i.e. the Moby Dick chapter describing hemp rope, or 90% of the Book of Chronicles). Hmmm…3 pages of dialog on the history of medieval papacy and heresy in southern France…<flip> <flip>… ah, back to the story.



  1. 1. The Summerhill LCBO is my happy place. Actually, the whole string of shops just south of these is too, especially All The Best, where you can get the kind of breads you be happy to die eating. And when we still ate meat, the butcher was a nice one. Not to mention Patachou for croissants (moved just down the street now).

    2. I too am digging SSPU and SW. And this is a nice point in their careers to see those bands.

    3. I actually don’t remember the hemp rope section of Moby Dick (maybe I was already skipping at that point?) but I do remember page after page after page about the different types of whales.

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