Posted by: Joe | May 16, 2007


Just a quick post — the doctor this morning opened up the perichondrium under local anaestetic to see what was going on in there. Luckily, a little suction was all that was required to eliminate the hematoma. It was kind of cool to be sitting there while somebody shoved an #11 blade up my nose. Once he suctioned out the congealed blood, I was immediately able to breathe normally.

He installed a drain to make sure nothing else is going to pool up in there, which will get removed tomorrow morning. So, one more night of mouth-breathing, because both nostrils are packed with gauze to make sure nothing moves around.  The lidocaine is just starting to wear off, and it’s pretty sore.  He’s given me some Tylenol-3 knock-offs and a little more powerful antibiotic to prevent infection (the nose is a pretty nasty place).

The best part about the morning: the ENT specialist’s name who performed the procedure this morning — Dr. Nazaal. Ha!



  1. OK, with a name like that how can you not end up being a doctor who specializes in the nose!

  2. Oh my god… right out of the Simpsons!

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