Posted by: Joe | May 18, 2007

A sure sign of spring…

…one of the onions in my vegetable crisper is germinating. How the hell does an onion know it’s spring from the inside of a refrigerator?


Another sign of spring are bright blue skies … I’ve had Wilco‘s new release, Sky Blue Sky in heavy rotation over the past few days.

All the reviews have indicated that this is a marked departure from their previous work, but I don’t really have a basis for comparison–this is the first album I’ve really listened to at length. It’s mostly mellow, jazzy and soulful.   Listening to “Hate It Here”, I keep hearing Paul McCartney’s voice — this should have been a Beatles song.  Other stand out tracks: “Impossible Germany” and the title track “Sky Blue Sky”.

Wilco – “Hate It Here”


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