Posted by: Joe | May 20, 2007

Truly, we live in amazing times

When I was a kid, I loved the cereal box toy. Maybe it would be a key chain of some kind, or a secret decoder ring. It didn’t matter really.

Today I fished an alarm clock out of my Corn Pops that will project the time on a dark ceiling with the push of a button. Seriously, you can put one of these in every $5.00 box of cereal and still make money? For real?



  1. Damn! They don’t put that stuff in granola…

  2. It’s probably got some subliminal message “buy more Corn Pops”…

  3. They don’t need subliminal messages. I love Corn Pops. It’s like Cap’n Crunch, without the “chewing on broken glass” effect.

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