Posted by: Joe | June 4, 2007

And the verdict on the knee is…

The physiotherapist confirmed what I had expected–an ACL/MCL strain (possibly a mild MCL tear), with a side order of pulled hamstring.  The miniscus seems intact–no floaty bits of cartilage that he could detect.  I’ll need to layoff any kind of impact (no running, no jumping, no skipping), which will limit the kind of training I can do for a couple weeks.  I see a lot of the pool in my future.

As well, I’ll be getting some ultrasound and EMS to help eliminate inflammation and speed up the healing process.  Once again, pretty much what I expected–I spent enough time with the therapists while wrestling in university to know how most of these types of injury work.



  1. Ow!

    Maybe rowing machine?

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