Posted by: Joe | June 7, 2007

Maybe I drink too much

On my way through the checkout at Sam’s Club tonight, I stack the following onto the conveyor belt:

  • a case of OJ
  • a case of apple juice
  • a case of Gatorade
  • a case of Red Bull
  • a bag of milk
  • a gallon cranberry juice

Checkout Girl: <blank stare>
Me: “I’m thirsty.”


Speaking of drinking, I’m starting to think that Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab” is somewhat autobiographical.

My favorite highlights:

  • around 1:26 when she throws her head back and appears to choke on her own vomit
  • the expression in every closeup of the backup singers–“I can’t believe I’m singing backup for this drunken bint.”
  • Church’s forced smile at the end–“Thank God she didn’t fall over.”

High comedy.



  1. That’s hilarious! There’s a couple of times Church looks over at her and is thinking, “Will I have to catch her when she falls over?”

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