Posted by: Joe | June 7, 2007

OK, I’ll play your little game…

I ran across Google’s new Google Image Labeler today (or as it’s also known, Do Our Job For Us). It’s an interesting distraction if you have some time to kill. You get paired up with partner in order to classify a set of random images from Google Image Search to help make GIS search results more relevant.

While you “playing” you enter any labels/tags that you feel are appropriate for the image. You can’t see what your partner is entering–the first tag both you and your partner match will get applied to the image, and you move on to the next. At the end of 2 minutes you get to see what your partner entered for each image that you saw in your round. Hee-hee.


  • guns, war, navy, army, battleship


  • you, sunk, my, battleship
Haha, this is fun. Let’s do another.

  • jump, tower, pipe, halfpipe, skater, extreme


  • retard, halfwit, adrenaline junky, darwinism at work, halfpipe

  • woman, lady, smile


  • porn intro, mature, MILF, GILF, vintage, smile

OK, maybe I should stop now.



  1. He he … golf course closed that day? ;)

  2. fuck you

  3. Hi there! Hope you enjoy the scat porn I just signed you up for!

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