Posted by: Joe | June 11, 2007

Mind = Blown

Microsoft Live Labs does some really, really cool shit. I first saw a demo of Photosynth last year sometime, and was suitably impressed. Well now, consider my mind blown. Photosynth is being integrated with a new technology called Seadragon, which was demo’d for the first time at TED2007.

If you’re not impressed by this, you really don’t understand the potential.

These two technologies make Google’s StreetView look like color-by-numbers. With StreetView, you can find a restaurant as seen from the street. Now imagine from there being able to zoom into a high-res image of the restaurant’s menu posted in window, and from there navigating through the door to see the interior, or even the view from a particular table. That’s the Internet that I want.

It may be that Google’s Image Labeler that I posted about a few days ago is intended to gather metadata for similar technology, but I haven’t heard rumors about anything. Microsoft’s Live Search doesn’t have Google scared, but I think this technology is something they need to pay attention to.


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