Posted by: Joe | July 6, 2007

Junk, and stuff

Haven’t posted much recently, mostly because I’m exhausted. Two-a-days really take it out of you. It’s worth it though–I’m getting close to where I want to be, conditioning-wise, and soon I’ll be able to back off to a “maintenance” workout schedule.


I’ve been listening to The National‘s new album, Boxer, for most of the day. I’m not sure if I like it because it’s really good, or if I like it because I can sing along  with the songs. For the most part, that list is limited to Johnny Cash, Tom Waits and Crash Test Dummies.


I always look forward to the beginning of a new month, because I get to flip over the calendar.


That Happy Bunny! Such a little scamp.


Best. Obituary. Ever.



  1. i whis u could put a raiders happy bunny pic. and we cheerleaders should git um free.

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