Posted by: Joe | July 11, 2007

Times have changed and times are strange

Here I come, but I ain’t the same…
Mama, I’m comin’ home.

Booked my flight home yesterday–it’s going to be good to get back for a visit, though a bit of a hassle to keep up the training while I’m away. I’m going to be spending 4 days in Fredericton, so I’m going to call the Fredericton Boxing Club today and try to schedule a few workouts. The rest of the time in Carleton County is going to have to be mostly running–hopefully the knee will be up to it.

I’m looking forward to the trip–thanks to FaceBook I’ve re-contacted a few old friends that I’m going to try and meet up with.


Speaking of FaceBook…

I lived in Bridges House my entire time in university–while I was there, there was a guy named Roger who would go through the residence late, typically after midnight, selling subs to all of us drunks, stoners and insomniacs (I fit into two of those groups).

Roger left a message on the Bridges House group’s “wall” a couple days ago.

I believe that makes it official–everybody in the industrialized world now has a FaceBook account.


Yesterday’s training diary below:

Calorie Intake:


  • Boost protein supplement shake – 240 cal



  • Vector energy bar – 220 cal


  • 300g cooked pasta w tomato sauce – 450 cal
  • 200g fresh pineapple – 200 cal


  • Triscuit Rosemary&Olive Oil crackers – 150 cal


  • 2 cups cooked rice – 480 cal
  • 200g pineapple chicken – 360 cal
  • 250ml skim milk – 90 cal
  • 100g poached egg whites – 50 cal
  • 1 cup Master`s Choice cappuccino frozen yogurt – 240 cal


  • 600ml bottle Gatorade – 125 cal


  • 3005 calories

Calories Expended:


Lunch workout

  • 3.7km run+pushups+ab work – 300 cal
  • Elliptical trainer – 100 cal

Evening workout

  • 1 hour hot yoga – 600 cal


  • 3700 calories

Daily Net Calories: (minus 695)

Today was a recovery day–workouts were fairly light. It was great to get in the yoga studio again after a couple weeks. A few poses were pretty tough–I cramped up a little here and there, as I’m not sure I had completely replenished electrolytes from the day before. I’m going to add more Gatorade during workouts to combat this.


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