Posted by: Joe | July 12, 2007

Built to Spill

I can’t explain why Neil Young’s voice makes me want to hit something, but Doug Martsch doesn’t. One of the mysteries of the ages.

Martsch & Co. made their first trip to Toronto this week, playing Lee`s Palace Tuesday and Wednesday night. I’ve never seen the place more full–getting to the bar was a workout in itself. Ostensibly in support of last year’s You In Reverse, they went through a few of their greatest hits in addition to the new album, as well as an awesome cover of “Third Uncle”.

I think they’ve ruined the album version of “Conventional Wisdom” for me.  No recording could live up to last night’s show.  Guitars were shredded.  Guts were busted.  Raaaawk!

Yesterday’s workout diary below:

Calorie Intake:


  • plain bagel w/ cream cheese – 300 cal
  • 500g fruit salad – 150 cal


  • 1 can diet Red Rain energy drink – 20 cal
  • handful of Skittles – 75 cal
  • 4 slices pizza – 400 cal


  • 200g poached egg whites + 1tbsp ketchup + 2 slices whole wheat bread – 330 cal
  • 300g steak – 500 cal
  • 250ml skim milk – 90 cal
  • Astro fruit bottom yogurt – 120 cal


  • 2x600ml bottle Gatorade – 250 cal
  • 1 can Red Bull – 110 cal


  • 2345 calories

Calories Expended:




  • 9 holes golf, 1.5hrs walk/carrying clubs – 500 cal


  • 30min conditioning, running hills/stairs – 600 cal
  • 20min light sparring/defense work – 200 cal


  • 3800 calories

Daily Net Calories: (minus 1455)

Relatively short workout today, but felt strong. The knee held up very well on the hills/stairs. Running back to the gym from the hill I even managed a short (40yds), 100% sprint. There was a little pain, and the same strange “clunking” feeling as I slowed down, but it was the first time I’ve been able to go to a full sprint in 6-7 weeks.

How many calories do you burn while getting your face rocked off? None of the calorie counters online seem to have this listed.


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