Posted by: Joe | July 14, 2007

There’s nothing on earth like a…

 …genuine, bona-fide, electrified, six-car monorail.  What’d I say?

Monorail!  It’s been a while since I’ve flown, apparently.  Why didn’t anybody tell me Pearson has a monorail?


I’m in Fredericton today for the start of a week-long visit home.  Being the good uncle that I am, I bought my baby niece a present at the airport: a pink “Maple Leafs Baby” t-shirt.  I’m not even really a hockey fan, but because my little brother is a Habs fan, that was too good to pass up.


We made a short recon to the Fredericton market this morning–I’ll make another trip next weekend, so today was all about the donair.  I’ve been jones’ing a proper donair for, well, 9 months, since the last time I was in Fredericton.  I wonder if I could freeze a crateful to take home with me?

Thursday+Friday training diary below:


Calorie Intake:


  • 200g poached egg whites + 1tbsp ketchup + 2 slices whole wheat bread – 330 cal
  • 1/4 cup wheat/flax cereal w/ raisins & brown sugar – 250 cal
  • 12oz can OJ – 165 cal


  • Vector energy bar – 220 cal


  • 1 1/2 cups rice – 350 cal
  • chicken fajita wrap – 750 cal
  • Astro fruit bottom yogurt – 120 cal


  • 300g fresh grapes – 200 cal
  • Astro fruit bottom yogurt – 120 cal


  • Boost protein supplement shake – 240 cal
  • steak sandwich


  • 2x600ml bottle Gatorade – 250 cal


  • 3005 calories

Calories Expended:


Lunch workout

  • 4mile treadmill, 30:00min – 500 cal

Evening workout

  • 1 hr heavy bag/skipping/shadowboxing – 600 cal


  • 3700 calories

Daily Net Calories: (minus 1295)

Today’s run felt pretty good–I’m almost back to my normal pace.  First 10min @ 7.5 mph, 10min @ 8mph, 5min @ 8.5mph, 4min @ 9mph, last minute @ 10mph.  Relatively light workout in the evening, though I worked the bag fairly hard.


I don’t think I had any set meals today.  Just various things to eat all day long.

  • Boost protein supplement shake – 240 cal
  • Vector energy bar – 220 cal
  • small bowl of chicken chili – 200 cal
  • lettuce/tomato/havarti sandwich – 310 cal
  • large salad – 400cal (bit of a guess here)
  • small package beef jerky – 120 cal
  • bag of rice cakes – 500 cal

Total Calories: 2000ish

Expended: 2700ish

Friday was a complete recovery day–no workouts at all.  I was feeling quite tired, and since I was busy getting ready to leave, didn’t have much time anyhow.


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