Posted by: Joe | July 21, 2007

What I learned today


Japan: Best. Country. Ever.


It’s been a great week back home, despite (or perhaps because of) being virtually cut off from my online presence.  I spent some time with my favorite cousins, met up with a couple old friends and have spent a big chunk of the week training (the hardest part:  staying out of my grandmother’s cookie bin).  I’ve pretty much accomplished what I wanted out of this week, training wise–I’m certain I can make weight at this point, so any further weight that I cut between now and the fight just means less energy spent cutting water before the weigh-in.


I finally managed to finish The Name of the Rose–it’s only taken 4 months.  I think I read it entirely while travelling in various metal tubes, which is why it’s taken so long.  I need to set more time aside for reading, but I’m not sure where to pull it from.


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