Posted by: Joe | July 29, 2007

Bad to the (Broken) Bone(s)

Because I was born in 1975, by the time I knew of him Evel Knievel‘s daredevil career was virtually finished. In fact, even though I remember watching Wide World of Sports every week, I can’t say for certain that I ever actually saw one of his 300 jumps until much later in life. Ask virtually anybody about Evel Knievel and they’ll probably tell you that he’s broken every bone in his body, he once jumped 100 cars, and other hyperbole. In the late ’70’s and early ’80s, EK was the baddest motherfucker alive. His legend was (and is) firmly cemented into our collective consciousness.

As someone who grew up reenacting jumps that I may or may not have actually seen on a BMX bike while making insane BRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAM motorcycle noises, this endorsement breaks my inner 6-year old’s heart:


At the same time, part of me is glad to see he’s still riding, albeit at a top speed of 5 1/4 mph. And those are bitchin’ cowboy boots. The man’s still got style.


Today was a bad day to get my appetite back.  I was at Rogers Picnic most of the day–I guess I was due for a binge.  I did get a run in this morning before I left, so it wasn’t all bad, but rather than itemize everything out, we’ll just refer to today as The Setback.  I can’t believe my system used to be able to handle eating like this on a regular basis.  Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but wow I feel awful right now.  I need some sleep–I’ll write about the shows tomorrow.


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