Posted by: Joe | July 29, 2007

Letter to Edge 102:

Dear Inside Edge:

I got this item on the Edge 102 RSS feed this morning:

MUSE With Special Guests…COLD WAR KIDS. All Ages / DOORS 6:30PM. Tickets on sale as of Friday, May 25th @ NOON. Insiiiiide Edge pre-sale starts Wednesday, May 23rd @ 10:00AM and goes till Thursday, May 24th @ 10:00AM. (ARROW HALL) on Wednesday August 1, 2007

You know what would be useful? Seeing this item in my RSS reader ON MAY 22ND. Being notified that tickets have been on sale for 2 months is not helpful.

You suck at the internet.



Calorie Intake:

  • 1 medium banana – 100 cal
  • 5 Hour Energy Drink – 8 cal
  • Boost protein supplement shake – 240 cal
  • Strawberry Storm Booster Juice – 350 cal
  • 6″ Subway Veggie Delite – 300 cal
  • handful of skittles – 75 cal
  • 2 bar shots of rum – 200 cal

Total In: 1273 calories

Calories Expended:


Lunch workout

  • 30min skipping – 400 cal
  • 50 stair sprints – 500 cal
  • 5 rounds heavy bag – 150 cal
  • 3 rounds double end bag – 75 cal
  • 2 rounds shadowboxing – 50 cal

Evening workout

Total Expended: 3705 calories

Daily Net Calories: (minus 2432 calories)

I still didn’t feel much like eating today, but my energy level seemed up for some reason, so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to really burn into the calories.   The run felt really good — a portion of the last leg down Cawthra is a slight downhill grade that I was able to lean down the slope and really push hard.  The pace works out to around a 6:35 minute mile, which is getting closer to what I’d like to maintain for a 5k pace.

After the morning workout, I was around 154lbs, which is only a few pounds off where I need to be at weigh-in.  After the workout I still felt strong, no sign of cramping or other indications of dehydration, so I know I’ll have no problem getting down to the weight I need to be.  Shedding just a few more pounds of fat over the next couple weeks will just make that all the easier.


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