Posted by: Joe | August 1, 2007

New Kicks!

There’s nothing like the feeling of a brand new pair of running shoes. My current pair of Saucony Stabil MC5s probably have about 350-400 miles on them; for most people that still leaves a bit of life. However, my heavy heal strikes and flatfooted, over-pronating gait tends to beat out the midsole on shoes really quickly. I can always feel when it’s time for a new pair in my knees and particularly my right hip for some reason.

I’ve been running in MC5s for some time now–I think I’ve gone through 4 or 5 pairs. This year, Saucony has updated the shoe to the Grid Stabil 6.


I’ve only put about 15km into them so far, but that’s all it’s taken to fall in love. This is the most comfortable ride of any motion control trainer I’ve ever worn. The cushioning in the heal is significantly softer than the MC5, without compromising stability. On today’s run I got a little sloppy with my gait at one point, and not only did the shoe correct the heel strike and properly transition to push-off, but gave me enough feedback that I knew to start paying attention again. It actually sort of startled me.

The materials in the upper have been changed significantly, and seems far more breathable. It may be my imagination, but it seems to be a few ounces lighter than the MC5, which is a pleasant surprise–motion control shoes have a tendency to be relatively heavy compared to other trainers because of the the amount of support they need to provide. A couple hundred more miles will tell how it holds up to a pounding compared to its predecessor.

A+ so far. If you’re in the market for a motion control trainer, I highly recommend it.

Calorie Intake:

  • 1/2 cup wheat/flax cereal w/ raisins & brown sugar – 500 cal
  • 2 x 600ml Gatorade – 300 cal
  • 3 x metamucil wafers – 360 cal
  • Boost protein supplement shake – 240 cal
  • 1 medium apple – 75 cal
  • 1 banana – 100 cal
  • 2 x yogurt – 240 cal
  • Bagel + 1 tbsp light cream cheese + cucumber slices – 400 cal

Total In: 2215 calories

Calories Expended:


Lunch workout

  • 4.3km run, 17:00min – 300 cal

Evening workout

  • 2.2 km jog – 150 cal
  • 16min stair sprints – 300 cal
  • 2 rounds shadow boxing – 50 cal
  • 2 rounds focus pads – 50 cal
  • 3 rounds heavy bag – 100 cal
  • 5 rounds speed bag – 125 cal

Total Expended: 3775 calories

Daily Net Calories: (minus 1560 calories)

It’s amazing what a new pair of shoes will do–today’s run was a couple minutes faster than I’ve done that route in the past, and it felt so easy because I wasn’t pounding my back/knees/hips to pieces. I think I’ll start upping my mileage a bit–if I’m going to cut down to light welterweight, I need to cut down my legs some–extra running should trim and tone down the tree trunks I’ve got under me.



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