Posted by: Joe | August 8, 2007

You! Me! Dancing!

If you’re going to use a lot of exclamation points, you’d better have an energetic live show. Los Campesinos! has energy in excess. Somebody needs to buy Gareth a wireless microphone–I was certain he’d either hang or garrote himself bouncing around the tight confines of the Horseshoe’s stage tonight. Fortunately, apart from a minor asthma attack that didn’t cause an interruption, he survived the set.

Greeted by a smallish, but lively crowd, the Welsh 7-piece started out a little loose, but tightened things down by the time they reached the tracks from the EP. The climax of “We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives” was a glorious cacophony, and the minute-plus guitar buildup of “You! Me! Dancing!” bombarded the audience with a palpable wall of sound.

On my way from the stage to the front, I overheard two “Fuckin’ A!”s and a “That was wicked!”, so from that informal exit poll, I’d say everybody enjoyed the show as much as I did.


Calorie Intake:

  • Vector cereal + skim milk + strawberries – 350 cal
  • 1 can OJ – 160 cal
  • 2 x granola bar – 440 cal
  • ghetto mochachino – 100 cal
  • 1 apple – 90 cal
  • 2 x yogurt – 240 cal
  • 50g veggie chips – 230 cal
  • 1 can Red Bull – 110 cal
  • 1 plum – 30 cal
  • 1 bottle Gatorade – 125 cal

Total In: 2035 calories

Calories Expended:


Morning workout

  • 2.2km jog – 130 cal
  • 10min stair sprints – 200 cal

Lunch workout

  • elliptical trainer, 15min – 250 cal
  • calisthenics – 100 cal

Evening workout

  • 60min skipping – 800 cal
  • 2 rounds shadowboxing – 50 cal
  • 5 rounds speed bag – 125 cal

Total Expended: 4355 calories

Daily Net Calories: (minus 2320 calories)

Today was purposefully taking a big calorie deficit to make up for a little overindulgence on the weekend. I’m very happy with my conditioning though–skipping non-stop for an hour is nothing to sneeze at. A couple months ago I could barely go straight through 3 rounds.


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