Posted by: Joe | August 16, 2007


Since Wednesday at lunchtime I’ve been doing a dry run to make sure I’m going to be able to make the weight I want for the weigh-in.  Today was hard–I’ve been on a juice fast since yesterday, limiting water intake, and had 4 separate workouts today:

Morning: skipping/shadowboxing/heavy bag/calisthenics
Lunch: 5km run
Evening: skipping/shadowboxing/4 rounds sparring
Evening part deux: 1 hour hot yoga.

Current weight: 147.5 lbs

I still feel good, though tired–no real indications of dehydration yet.  I’ll hit the sauna for an hour or so in the morning and drop a couple more pounds, maybe do a very light session on the recumbent bike at lunch just to loosen the legs up, then after work I’ll be working defense against some of the junior boxers at the club.  If I can be in the 143-144lb range at that workout, I’ll have no problems dropping the extra couple pounds for the weigh-in.


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