Posted by: Joe | August 17, 2007

And that’s enough of that…

According to the scale in the gym downstairs at work, I was down to 142lbs this morning, and spent about 6 hours at that weight.  It was pretty rough–felt slow, weak and tired–definitely couldn’t fight effectively in that condition.   But not near extreme dehyration–mouth wasn’t dry, no cramping, heart rate and blood pressure both good (in fact, blood pressure was slightly elevated, 135/104, which is the opposite of what should happen during dehydration.  Weird).  After 500ml of Pedialyte, a couple bottles of Gatorade, 2 bottles of Krating Daeng, and a couple granola bars in the past couple hours, I’m feeling almost normal again, and capable of fighting.  Making 141lbs for the weigh-in will be rough, but I shouldn’t have a problem recovering in time for the fight.

From what I can tell, I cut approximately 17lbs in 48 hours.  I’ll be going back up to somewhat normal calorie intake from now until the fight, but I still think I can shave off another pound or so of fat.



  1. […] per week. At this point I can’t possibly get to 214 by Sep 1 (unless I go on some kind of crazy-ass weight shedding regimen to make a fight weight) but in the two weeks before I go away on course I should be around 220. The […]

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