Posted by: Joe | August 20, 2007

Hey, where did *those* come from?

I was washing my hands a few days ago and got a bit of a start; after 30-ish years of habitually chewing my fingernails, for some reason over the past couple weeks I have just stopped. For no reason. Spontaneously. Hmmmmmmmm…

I’ve never had fingernails before. Typing is weird.


I went home for lunch today to play with Colby and made a fantastic ham sandwich. I’m the sandwich artiste, those Subway bitches can’t hold my bread knife.


My GP is on vacation for a couple weeks, so I went in to a walk-in clinic yesterday to get the medical portion of my Ontario Boxing Association registration done.

Me: “Hi, I need this form filled out because I have a fight in 3 weeks.”
Dr.: <poke>….<prod>….<listen>…. “Everything seems OK, but your heart rate is really low, do you work out?”

Great, I’ve got a rocket surgeon on my hands. Was it the heart rate, or the 4% body fat, or the fact that I just told you I’m a boxer that gave it away? I need to start a list of doctors to avoid if I do in fact have anything seriously wrong.



  1. Hey, left me hanging on the finger nail biting poof gone. If you come to some conclusion as to how the habit suddenly left, love to know.

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