Posted by: Joe | August 20, 2007

The best time of day

Just got back from what started as a nice relaxed 5 mile run, and ended at a great pace.  With all the sprints, hills and stairs we’ve been doing lately my legs feel incredibly strong, and I just can’t hold them back.  It felt like the last mile was somewhere near a 6:00min pace.

I hate waking up–really, really hate it.  But the period of time after a morning workout and before the rest of the day gets started is my favorite time.

This morning felt really good–I’m fully rehydrated and refueled after last week’s dry run and back up to my maintenance weight (around 157lbs).  My conditioning is right where I want it to be, and weight is good so I’ll be tapering back some of the hardcore conditioning workouts and focusing more on sparring rounds and technique.  No need to risk a hamstring pull doing 100% sprints 3 weeks from the fight.


Your papers, please!  Yikes, the US just keeps getting scarier and scarier.


I haven’t been down to see a Jays game yet this year, but I think I’ll get tickets for a Halladay start shortly after my fight. His last two starts have been nothing short of spectacular.  How much longer will he stick with this franchise?


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