Posted by: Joe | August 25, 2007

Yeah, they said that would happen in health class

So far, this weekend has been ace. Last night I saw Superbad–I think I may have laughed up a portion of a lung. I don’t think I’ve seen anything that funny since Jim Carey’s prime. To the few “rotten” reviewers, thank you for your valuable, if wrong, input.


I found out a couple days ago that the event on Sept 8 has been canceled due to some red-tape snafu with the venue, so my first fight will be put off for a while. We’re trying to set up something for the following weekend, so while it’s a little disappointing, it just means more time for me to prepare. My weight is where I want it and my conditioning is excellent so at this point I can mostly focus on becoming a better boxer.

That said, while more time is good, keeping up the pace I have been without burning out is tough, so today I’m taking a break–no workouts, no counting calories, no stepping on the scale 3 times a day.


So instead of going to the gym, I hopped on the TTC and wandered around downtown for a while. Highlights:

  • Right now, my personal walking down the street soundtrack is “Myth Takes” by !!!. Some of you might say, how “Gap commercial” of you, and to those people I say “Get. Bent.” I’m in a good mood, and you’re not bringing me down, Bruce.
  • I am feeling in a very “pink” place. However, I have nil, nada, zero pink in my wardrobe. Until today.
  • Turning a corner and nearly walking into a giant pink firetruck is a little startling, no matter what color place you’re in.
  • I would never have put this combination together in my head, but a rainy day, a sundress and purple rubber boots is hot.


Yay! Said The Gramophone‘s RSS feed finally works right. In the past, none of the links showed up correctly and line breaks were all messed up. I don’t know who fixed things, StG or Google Reader, but either way, bravo.



  1. Sorry to intrude, I just wanted to leave you a note because your page appears to have been “scraped” just as mine was and I wanted to let you know (since the copyright infringer probably won’t be owning up to it any time soon). This page appears here: column mona louperochelet

    I only discovered that my site had been scraped by this person because I’d fortunately included a link that lead back to another of my pages. Since WordPress is good enough to let me know of incoming links, this plagiarist’s efforts showed up.
    Anyway, so far all I’ve done is point out the infringement to the person and asked them to take my page down. O’kay, I was a bit abrupt about it, but it’s the fourth time this has happened to me! I’m being terribly long-winded here, aren’t I? Apologies. I just thought I’d let you know because I know how little I liked it happening to me. Hopefully, if enough people complain, the site will come down. The most annoying part of it is, this person has adsense on their page so they’re getting PAID everytime someone goes to THEIR page to read YOUR content.

    I’m being awfully redundant here, so I’ll leave you to your day. Aside from having a messenger worthy of shooting butting into it, I hope your day’s a good one! :-)

  2. I hope I’m not too late with this warning… please, please delete my previous comment about the git who scraped your page. It’s not that I’m wrong in what I said, it’s that I was a complete idiot in including a link to the scraper. Aside from the fact that I just stupidly advertised for them, thereby providing them with extra clicks which equals extra money for them, the possibility exists that I might well have also lead to you a page containing a virus of some description. I might be wrong (because I seem to be developing a knack for that here, yes?) but I have cleverly diseased my computer somehow and that page is the only foreign source I’ve visited in the last two days. Please forgive me my utter stupidity in adding that link to your page and please, as I said, delete it immediately.

    Again, my sincerest apologies for having done the right thing in entirely the wrong way – believe it or not, I was trying to be kind :(

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