Posted by: Joe | September 5, 2007

Mental health break: over

I’ve spent the last 4-5 days decompressing. No blogging. No gym. No counting calories. No stepping on the scale a half dozen times a day. Just a few nice relaxed runs (without a watch). I’ve been training a pretty insane pace for over 2 months now, and I’ve started to feel a little burned out.

It did feel good to get back in the gym last night, though. Interesting compliment: one of the other fighters’ girlfriend who trains at the gym as well asked me if I was on the juice. Which is sort of cool I guess, because I’m not. In fact, I don’t even lift weights anymore. In the past couple years I haven’t lifted anything heavier than my, um…nevermind.


OK, that’s enough. Seriously, just stop.


I can only pray that this is the peak of the Croc phenomenon, and that it’s downhill from here.



  1. I began referring to the knock-off “Crocs” as “Dorks”. This definitely pushes any-and-all Crocs, authentic or not, to “Dorks” status, in my book.

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