Posted by: Joe | September 9, 2007

Happy Days Are Here Again

This will be reminiscent of a previous post–more vague memories of my childhood.

For years, I’ve remembered small portions of an old TV movie that I saw when I was very young. The basics of the plot as I remembered it were that a luxury cruise ship had sunk and a small group of the guests and crew managed to survive on the bottom of the ocean for an extended period of time in an air pocket created in the hull. The only image that I remember from the movie was that of a diver outside of the porthole of the sunken liner, startled by a beautiful women peering back at him from inside of the ship.

Everybody I’ve ever mentioned this movie to immediately assumed that I was referring to The Poseidon Adventure, but I was certain that it was a different film. For years nobody I knew had any idea what I was talking about, to the point where I questioned my own memory.

Until last week, when I saw this post on an online community I belong to:

What Movie Was This?????

I saw a movie several years back on TV which I loved but can't
remember the name. It was probably filmed around the 60s-70s. A
cruise liner sinks and a small portion of the crew and guests
survive due to a large air pocket on the ship (think 1/2 of the
ship or so). Anyhow they learn to get fresh water and grow food
(more exygen!) and live for several years down there. One day a
scubadiver finds the ship and is met with resistance when he tries
to rescue the survivors...
any help?? thanks!

AHA! I’m not insane! I renewed my search with a sense of vigor, and this time my google-fu was strong: “Goliath Awaits“.

Once I had found the name of the movie, it was only a matter of time before somebody located the uncut 2-tape VHS edition, ripped and created a Torrent (this community is very resourceful).

God bless the Internet. After 25 years, I had waited long enough for Goliath. Popcorn: check! Junior Mints: check! Coca-cola: check! Fully prepared for epic amounts of horrible, I was going to enjoy the hell out of this.

The premise behind the film is ricockulous. After being torpedoed by a German U-Boat, the Goliath is sitting on her keel in 900′ of water, by chance landing near an underwater volcano which keeps the cold of the Atlantic at bay. Miraculously, the ship maintains structural integrity and the air pressure equalizes against the water pressure to create an air pocket where a group of survivors gather.

Now, I’m not a materials science or structural engineer (and I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night), but there are a couple things wrong here. First, when a ship sinks, it doesn’t float gently to the bottom so much as plummet, slamming into the bottom with incredible force. Secondly, in 900′ of water the pressure is over 250 atmospheres–even if you assume that the entire volume of air contained by the Goliath came down with her, it would be compressed into such a small volume that there is no way it would support THREE HUNDRED SURVIVORS.

I had only to wait about 10 minutes to see the one scene that I remembered from my original viewing:


If you’re capable of suspending your disbelief this far, Goliath isn’t a bad movie. It’s Poseidon Adventure meets The Time Machine, with a surprisingly capable cast. Christopher Lee plays John Mackenzie, the brilliant leader of the utopian underwater society. A young Mark Harmon plays the lead rescuer, with Emma Samms portraying our hero’s love interest. Other notable names include Frank Gorshin, Eddie Albert (of Green Acres fame), John Carradine, John Ratzenberger, and if you look very closely, teen-idol turned evangalist Kirk Cameron in his first role.

At 3:20, Goliath is no lightweight, and largely suffers from poor editing more than anything else. Unnecessary subplots cause the movie to drag, and distract from the more interesting Eloi/Morlock dynamic provided by the “Bow People” which could have made the film more interesting.

One thing that I was very impressed with were the sets and quality of special effects. Considering the budget normally afforded made-for-TV movies, the atmosphere was very well created.

All in all, a good way to waste away an evening. If you’re into old thrillers you could certainly do worse.



  1. He he … ricockulous. Adam Corolla cracks me up.

  2. I have been looking for a torrent of Goliath Awaits for my father since last year. If you can direct me to the appropriate site, I’d be greatly appreciative!

  3. Me Too! If anyone knows where I can get my hands on this I’d be thrilled. My wife mentioned the song “Happy Days Are Here Again” and memories of this movie came rushing back. I MUST find it. Help!

  4. Me too, please! :) I’ve been looking for this movie forever! I remember I saw it as a kid on my father’s lap where he shielded my eyes during scary scenes :) please email me where I can find the torrent, I haven’t been able to find it anywhere. THANKS! :) :)

  5. Anyone found a torrent file of this one yet?
    Please email it to me. Thanks:)

  6. I found the torrent, the only problem is you need to register to a certain torrent site that I can’t because I only have free email addresses. You need an ISP provided email, which I simply don’t have. If one of you does wind up getting it, please reseed it on a free site and let me know what the link is.
    links you to the torrent, but will only download if you signed up at

  7. I had only half-memories from watching part of this film years ago on Sunday afternoon tv in New Zealand – and searching for it online only turned-up people assuming I was thinking about the Poseidon Adventure, too! It is only today through a random Wiki link I’ve discovered here what it’s called – thank you very much! Now begins the task of finding a copy…

  8. for months i had been looking up tv websites looking for this movie also. as i sat doing the dishes tonight and reminicing with my children the song came to mind. Happy Days are here again. the more i tried to remember the song the name goliath came to mind. that is how i found my way here. glad to know i’m not the only person who remembers the early 80’s. thanks alot. although i disagree that finding it was easy like i said i’ve been looking for months

    • Try the pirate bay website you will fine it there

  9. Thank you! I, too, have been searching off & on for the title of this TV movie, based on its strong association with the “Happy Days Are Here Again” theme.

  10. I’m amazed at how many people remember this movie half-way, the way I do! Too funny.

    I’d been trying to find the name of it for years, only to find it on Wikipedia when I was reading about the Queen Mary oceanliner. It was partly filmed on the QM.

    I remember that they learned to adapt to a very low oxygen environment, and that they were using tanks of air that had been on the ship. They turned the airflow down slowly as the people adapted. Did I dream that, or has someone seen the movie recently?

    Still looking for the torrent so I can see it again!

  11. you will fine it on the (pirate bay) website download the file (Goliath Awaits (UPGRADE) [1981/TVRIP/XViD) Save to your pc then use µTorrent to download the movie to your computer. But you most likely know all about that part and may have found the movie by now so telling you might be all in vain lol but anyways the quality is not that bad being its a tv rip

  12. “goliath awaits” was one of the best movie.

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