Posted by: Joe | September 16, 2007


I saw an old friend of mine today that I haven’t seen in 10-12 years (yay Facebook!).

In early May, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer, just over a month before her wedding date.  After a brief honeymoon, she underwent a procedure called a trachelectomy.  All manner of complications arose which required a second surgery, and a long uncomfortable recovery.

Good news: the cancer is gone.   Bad news: during some follow-up blood work they’ve discovered that she has diabetes (what the hell!?!?).

I met her today and we ran the Terry Fox Run together in Etobicoke.  She had planned on only running 5k and walking the rest, but she’s too stubborn to look weak with me there, so we ran the entire way.

I’ve  had a bit of a shite year, but whenever life feels a little overwhelming I can think about what Shannon and Craig have been through, and how they’ve stayed strong and positive through their adversity, and things don’t seem quite so bad.


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