Posted by: Joe | October 4, 2007

Hate To Say I Told You So

…but The Hives rock. And rock again. And then they rock some more. If there is any doubt left in your mind who the greatest rock band in the world is, feel free to ask frontman Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist and he’ll explain it to you between songs–probably speaking in the third person.

The swedish garage rock-revivalists were at The Phoenix tonight in support of their upcoming release, The Black and White Album. You can’t deny The Hives are very good at what they do; you can argue that garage rock sucks, and never should have been revived (hey, there’s no accounting for taste).

They put on a great rock show–if you’re looking for ballads, go somewhere else.  The Hives do frenetic paced garage-punk.  Full stop.  To my knowledge, “Diabolical Scheme” is the only slow-ish song The Hives have in their repertoire, and Almqvist’s first note scared the bejeezus out of me.

The Hives are in town again tomorrow night as the opening act for…wait for it…MAROON 5. I would *loooooove* to know how that tour came together. I’d have trouble coming up with 2 fanbases more diametrically opposed.


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